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We intend for the Alula Original Toddler Facebook Page to be a space to discuss and engage in positive conversations. Everyone is welcome on this Page, so please consider the feelings of other users, and avoid posting content that is likely to offend or exclude. We encourage conversation and discussion, so we ask you to respect the opinions of others on this Page, whatever your personal position may be. In this spirit of community, please note that Alula Original Toddler will remove content which is:

  • Offensive, obscene or abusive, off-topic, irrelevant or spammy
  • Threatening, defamatory or attacks someone personally
  • Used to identify a specific person or group of persons
  • Used to disclose any personal or financial information, such as membership details
  • Considered inappropriate by Alula Original Toddler

Alula Original Toddler reserves the right to remove Page access to users who repeatedly breach these guidelines.

Alula Original Toddler does not endorse the opinions, comments or any other content posted on this Page by users.

Alula Original Toddler strictly forbids false, misleading or deceptive claims regarding any Alula Original Toddler brand, product or service. All such content will be deleted immediately.

This page is regularly monitored between 9:00am and 5:00pm (AEST) weekdays, and we will respond to your message within the next business day during these times. While social media is an always-on channel, we do not continuously monitor the channel for content which may breach our guidelines. Posts made outside of business hours will be responded to as soon as possible, and we urge users to ignore comments which are inappropriate or negative. If you have an urgent enquiry or concern, please contact the Careline Team on 1800 552 229.

The information on this Page is provided as general information only, and does not constitute professional health advice, diagnosis or treatment. Alula Original Toddler accepts no responsibility for loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by users adopting information contained in this site.

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