Alula Range

Introducing our latest Alula Platinum range, the newest addition to our family of nutritional products, trusted by generations of Australian mums for 60 years. Alula® a name that combines science and care continues this legacy.

Alula Platinum range provides the same formulation as S-26 GOLD range, the brand you know and trust.

Alula Platinum. Our most advanced formulation in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, we are only introducing Alula Platinum to limited retailers.

A: As part of the S-26 to Alula transition, we are slowly transitioning to Alula. Therefore, we have decided to introduce Alula Platinum range to limited retailers only to educate our consumers that S-26 is slowly being rebranded to Alula.

A: No, the formulations are the same.
     S-26 GOLD NEWBORN = Alula Platinum NEWBORN
     S-26 GOLD PROGRESS = Alula Platinum BABY
     S-26 GOLD TODDLER = Alula Platinum TODDLER
     S-26 GOLD JUNIOR = Alula Platinum JUNIOR