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How Often Does My Baby Need A Bath?

  • Until your baby learns to crawl daily bathing isn’t necessary, a bath 2-3 times per week is all they need. However make sure you sponge their face, neck, hands and bottom everyday
  • If your baby loves their bath and it helps settle them, give them a bath each day but no more than once as this can dry out their skin.

What You Need For Your Baby’s Bath

  • A plastic tub, baby bath or sink. When your little one becomes too big for their baby bath or can sit on their own, they’ll probably be ready to use the big bath
  • Fragrance free soaps, shampoos and bath liquids, suitable for babies
  • Fresh washcloths
  • Towels, hooded ones can be useful for when they get out of the bath
  • A clean change of clothes and fresh nappy
  • Any ointments, creams or other balms, if required.

Ensure that you prepare all these things in advance and remember… NEVER leave your baby unattended once they’re in the bath.

Filling Your Baby’s Bath

  • Fill the bath with about 5cm of water when they’re under 6 months. After this age, around 8cm of water should be adequate for your baby
  • The ideal temperature for a newborn’s bath is between 36°C and 37°C for older babies, test the water with your elbow or wrist to make sure it’s not too hot
  • To prevent scalding always turn the cold tap on first then the hot when filling the bath, when full turn the cold tap off last
  • Never run the water once your baby is in the bath, the water temperature can change suddenly.

Bathing Your Baby

  • Completely undress your baby
  • Place them into the water gradually, supporting their head and neck with your hand until they develop good head control
  • Hold your baby firmly in a semi-reclined position
  • Speak to your baby gently to help soothe them
  • Use your free hand, wash your little one, working the cleaner areas to the dirtiest
  • Clean their eyes and nose with a sterile cotton ball, then wash the rest of their face, outer ears and neck
  • Wash the rest of your baby thoroughly with a clean washcloth
  • Shampoo their scalp once or twice per week using a mild fragrance free baby soap or shampoo. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and gently towel-dry
  • Once finished, carefully take your baby out of the bath, wrap them in a towel, pat them dry and dress them again.

Remember: Never leave your baby alone in the bath. Once you’ve decided to start bathing your little one, forget everything else and give them your undivided attention.