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Month 1

Mental Development

  • Recognise and turn toward familiar sounds and voices
  • Watch alertly when fed and spoken to

Visual Development

  • Focus on objects at a distance of approximately 20-30 cm
  • Focus on a human face
  • Be sensitive to the brightness and intensity of colour
  • Notice the difference between light and dark


  • Weigh about 4.2 kg if she’s a girl or about 4.5 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 53.7 cm tall if she’s a girl or about 54.7 cm tall if he’s a boy

Motor Development

  • Lift their head briefly while lying on their stomach
  • Bring both hands within range of eyes and mouth
  • Keep hands in tight fists

Social and Emotional Development

  • Become more alert and responsive
  • Stop crying when picked up and spoken to
  • Start to smile, although not deliberately

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