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Month 10

Mental Development

  • Show increased curiosity about everything
  • Understand and respond to some simple commands and words
  • Be interested in picture books
  • Communicate through gestures like holding out their arms to be picked up

Visual Development

  • Begin to have depth perception, which makes it possible for them to see the world in three dimensions


  • Weigh about 8.5 kg if she’s a girl or about 9.2 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 71.5 cm tall if she’s a girl or about 73.3 cm tall if he’s a boy

Motor Development

  • Learn to crawl
  • Stand while holding on to someone or something
  • Be skilled at using their fingers to grasp things
  • Hold an object in each hand and bang the objects together

Social and Emotional Development

  • Object if you take a toy away
  • Like to laugh
  • Wave goodbye

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