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Month 6

Mental Development

  • Make noises to get attention
  • Start to obey the social rules of conversation, such as pausing from babbling while you talk

Visual Development

  • Be able to identify and distinguish between objects
  • Smile when seeing their photograph or reflection in a mirror
  • Look at interesting objects for a longer period of time


  • Weigh about 7.3 kg if she’s a girl or about 7.9 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 65.7 cm tall if she’s a girl or about 67.6 cm tall if he’s a boy

Motor Development

  • Roll from back to stomach
  • Sit upright if supported
  • Pass objects from one hand to the other
  • Grasp and shake a rattle

Social and Emotional Development

  • Recognise different emotions, such as joy and sadness, and respond appropriately
  • Begin to be shy with strangers

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