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Month 9

Mental Development

  • Recognise familiar games and rhymes
  • Pay careful attention to people, things and activities happening in their environment
  • Examine and manipulate objects with great interest
  • Vocalise on purpose as a way to communicate

Visual Development

  • Track falling objects and know where to look for them
  • Distinguish familiar faces from those of strangers


  • Weigh about 8.2 kg if she’s a girl or about 8.9 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 70.1 cm tall if she’s a girl or about 72.0 cm tall if he’s a boy

Motor Development

  • Use their index finger and thumb to “pincer-grasp” objects
  • Pull themselves up to a standing position and maintain it briefly
  • Wiggle while lying on their stomach, and perhaps start to crawl
  • Have good balance and be able to sit for 10-15 minutes at a time

Social and Emotional Development

  • Start to make likes and dislikes clear by behaving eagerly or resisting
  • Reach the peak of their anxiety about strangers

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