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Months 34-36

Mental Development

  • Start to remember past events
  • Start to understand the concept of opposites
  • Be able to be understood by a stranger when they are speaking
  • Use the pronouns “I,” “me,” and “you”
  • Be excited to listen to a story
  • Like to hear favourite stories repeated again and again
  • Ask questions constantly
  • Recognise their name in written form and know two or more letters
  • Sort objects according to shape
  • Listen to and answer questions
  • Speak in three-word sentences

Visual Development

  • Closely watch pages while turning them
  • Match items of the same colour
  • Easily follow a moving object


34 Months

  • Weigh about 13.5 kg if she’s a girl or about 14.0 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 93.6 cm tall if she’s a girl or about 94.8 cm tall if he’s a boy

35 Months

  • Weigh about 13.7 kg if she’s a girl or about 14.2 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 94.4 cm tall if she’s a girl or about 95.4 cm tall if he’s a boy

36 Months

  • Weigh about 13.9 kg if she’s a girl or about 14.3 kg if he’s a boy
  • Be about 95.1 cm tall is she’s a girl or about 96.1 cm tall if he’s a boy

Motor Development

  • Be able to pedal a tricycle
  • Bend over easily without falling
  • Turn book pages one at a time
  • Make vertical, horizontal, and circular strokes with a pencil or crayon
  • Build complex structures with blocks
  • Be able to cut with scissors and paste with glue
  • Have become more skillful in dressing and undressing themselves
  • Be more agile in use of playground equipment
  • Be able to stand for a short time on one foot
  • Throw and kick balls reasonably well
  • Thread large beads
  • Hold a pencil between thumb and first two fingers
  • Paint with a large brush
  • Cut with child safety scissors

Social and Emotional Development

  • Start to play more with other children
  • Be bossy sometimes when they play with others
  • Start to have empathy for the feelings of others
  • Be less demanding of their parents because they can do so many things on their own
  • Entertain themselves with a variety of activities
  • Be more orderly and organised
  • Still be impatient at times, but more willing to wait at this age
  • Tell lies or fibs sometimes
  • Be less likely to have tantrums
  • Be more agreeable to following instructions
  • Have one or two special friends

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