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Storing Formula

Ideally infant formula should be prepared immediately before use. However, should you wish to prepare & store formula in advance, here are some things to observe:

How To Store Infant Formula?

  • You can either make up one bottle at a time, using the instructions on the can as a guide; or store freshly boiled water to mix with the formula at a later stage
  • Always store prepared formula or boiled water in sterilised bottles
  • If you choose to store boiled water, when you need it warm it up first, before mixing with powder
  • Store bottles in the middle area towards the back of your fridge as this is the coldest part of the fridge. Don’t store any in the fridge door where it is warmer
  • Discard any unused water or formula after 24 hours.

Warming A Stored Feed

  • Warm by sitting the bottle in a container of hot water (not boiling)
  • Microwaves are not recommended for safety reasons when heating formula, as they do not heat the milk evenly and cause ‘hot spots’ and could burn your baby’s mouth
  • Always use within 1 hour, after this it should be discarded
  • Avoid warming bottles for more than 15 minutes. Bacteria can grow or the formula may become too hot with extended warming times
  • Test the milk temperature by shaking a few drops onto the inside of your wrist. It should feel warm not hot.

Ways To Make Up Feeds ‘On The Go’

  • Make up the formula at home and keep refrigerated until you are about to go out
    Pack in a cool bag with an ice pack to keep it cold
    Use within 2 hours.


  • Put freshly boiled water in a sterilised bottle
    Measure scoops of formula into a sterile container
    Mix it just before you need it.

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