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The Role of Milk During Weaning

Milk When Introducing Solids

  • Breast milk or formula should still be your baby’s main source of nutrition until 12 months of age as the nutrients that the milk contains helps to support healthy growth and development
  • Solid foods are ‘complementary foods’. They should complement rather than substitute feeds as the energy your baby gets from solid foods is initially small
  • Mixing solid foods with a little breast or formula milk is ideal.

How Much Milk To Give When Weaning

  • If breastfeeding, expect your baby to still need a minimum of 3 or more feeds a day
  • If bottle feeding, around 600-800mLs per day is average.

Which Types Of Milk Are Suitable When Weaning?

  • Breast milk or infant formula are ideal as your baby’s main source of nutrition
  • Cow’s milk should not be their main milk drink until after 12 months. Small amounts may be used in solid food preparation if the baby is over 6 months old

Benefits of Breast Milk


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