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Kate Di Prima


Kate Di Prima is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and an Adult & Infant Nutritionist with 22 years experience.
Kate has private practices in Brisbane and has extensive experience across various industries including pharmaceuticals, hospitals, nursing homes and correctional centres.

Well-recognised as an expert in Paediatric Nutrition, Kate has a very keen interest in the management of ‘picky’ and fussy eating practices of children and filling in the ‘nutritional gaps’ whilst addressing emotional and physical issues driving eating habits.

She regularly lectures to groups such as General Practitioners, Child Health Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals. Kate is also a spokesperson for the Dieticians’ Association of Australia and has a regular segment on ABC radio.

In addition to her monthly presentations to Healthcare Professionals, Kate also regularly presents at the Parents Children & Babies Expo held in various states across Australia.

She provides information and guidance direct to parents at these expos and is a regular contributor across many forms of social media including Facebook and Twitter.


Jane Barry

Registered Nurse

Jane holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Nursing) and is an immunisation programme nurse. Jane Barry has expertise in general, paediatric, midwifery and child health nursing.
Jane has almost 30 years specialist experience in child-health nursing including clinical service delivery, service intake & development, policy advising, education, quality enhancement and outcome evaluation. She is a member of numerous health-affiliated organisations including AHPRA, The Australasian Medical Writer’s Association and Australian College of Children and Young People’s Nurses.

Jane combines her clinical work with freelance writing on parenting information. Jane is often asked to contribute for various print, online and digital materials for companies affiliated with parenting and children. Jane is frequently engaged as a consultant and public speaker to provide guidance on parenting issues.

Jane is known for her well-balanced and supportive advice, whilst respecting the unique role parents have in influencing their children’s lives. Jane’s passion lies in supporting and educating parents to care for their children in the best way possible and to help focus on the joy of parenting.


Dr Farah Kroman
General Practitioner

Dr Farah Kroman graduated from The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Medicine/ Bachelor of Surgery with Honours.
She has worked in most areas of medicine and surgery and has chosen to focus on women’s and children’s health. Farah seeks to empower her patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their own health.

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