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Dressing your Baby

Dressing your newborn baby can be a difficult experience, as it can be hard to know where to begin. Read our tips below to give you some guidance.

  • Dress your baby on a change table or surface that is flat, stable, firm and the right height for you
  • Select clothes for them that are easy to get on and off. Front closing clothes with buttons or fastenings all the way down are a good option, as are stretch suits and clothes with wide necks
  • Talk or sing to your baby as you dress them, this can distract and entertain them
  • If putting them in a top, stretch the neck opening wide enough so you can pull the garment over their head from back to front without touching their face
  • Put your hand into the sleeve, and gently guide their arm through the opening, rather than trying to push their arms through
  • Put the bottom half of an outfit or pants on in a similar manner to the top
  • Pull the zipper of any clothing away from the body to avoid pinching their skin
  • In cold weather, dress your baby with an extra layer of clothing than usual to ensure they are comfortably warm.

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