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A Varied Diet For Toddlers

My toddler enjoys a great variety of foods and will eat from all food groups.

Yes: A balanced diet is important for your toddler’s growth and sets them up for great eating habits for years to come. Keep encouraging your little one to eat a variety of foods from each food group to best meet their needs. It is essential that children receive all the nutrients they need to ensure they grow and develop normally.

No: If they refuse try:

Meat, chicken, fish

  • Offer soft, slow cooked meats that are easier to chew in small bite-sized pieces
  • Include alternatives such as eggs or legumes that supply a good source of protein and iron
  • Use iron-fortified rice cereal or toddler milk drinks, which are both good sources of iron to fortify baked goods such as muffins and pikelets.

Fruit and vegetables

  • Chop fruit into bite size pieces and thread onto a kebab to make it appealing
  • Grate or blend vegetables into rissoles or chicken bites, pasta sauces, soups and stews
  • Use grated vegetables and fruits in baked goods such as scones, scrolls and breads.


  • Offer other dairy foods such as cheese, yoghurt or milk-based sauces and smoothies
  • Use a toddler milk drink to fortify smoothies and sauces or add to baked goods.

Breads and cereals

  • Offer breads with different spreads or use an egg and make French toast
  • Encourage wholegrain breads, cereals and crackers to help keep digestive systems healthy
  • Offer wholegrain breakfast cereals at breakfast or dry in a small container as a snack with some fresh or dried fruit.

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