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Fear of the Hairdresser

Some toddlers can find a visit to the hairdresser terrifying! Some reasons for this may be:

  • A complete stranger is holding shiny sharp scissors very close to their ears and neck
  • Being wrapped in a cape and having wet hair
  • Attracting attention from strangers
  • Sitting in a large, unfamiliar chair and environment
  • The sound of the hair dryer.

The best haircut for your youngster is where they leave truly convinced that there is nothing to be afraid of. It is important that you acknowledge your toddler’s fear and help them overcome it.

Below Are Some Simple Tips To Help You Be Ready For Their Next Haircut:

Choose your hairdresser with care. Ask other mums about hairdressers they have found to be toddler friendly and would recommend.

Schedule smart. To avoid a possible meltdown, organise their haircut at a time of the day when your toddler is not likely to be tired or hungry.

Reassure. Book in for you or your toddler’s older siblings to get a haircut before they do, so they can see there is nothing to worry about.

Comfort. Allow your tot to take their favourite toy along to the hairdresser. Taking along a portable DVD player may also provide a distraction.

Keep them still. You may need to sit them on your lap to avoid them wriggling all over the place.

Provide a reward. Plan a visit to the park, the playground or to see their favourite friend or relative after their appointment.

Consider other ways to get a haircut. If your child is taking a while to get over their fear, consider a mobile hairdresser that can come to your house so they are in a familiar environment. Or if you feel confident enough, you can give your toddler a haircut yourself.

Encouragement. With each small sign of cooperation from your toddler, don’t forget to let them know how proud you are of them.

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