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Handling Endless Questions from Your Toddler

Toddlers are at the stage where they constantly ask questions, particularly from the age of 4 onwards. Some of the most common being ‘What’s this?’ and ‘Why?’.

It is important to keep in mind why your toddler is asking you these questions, which could be to:

  • Understand the world around them
  • Figure out how things work
  • Practise their language and communication skills
  • Start a conversation
  • Get attention.

How To Handle Your Toddler’s Questions

  • Don’t ignore their questions. They need these answered so they can learn and reason for themselves
  • Be patient. If you feel yourself getting frustrated, use calming techniques such as counting to 10
  • Ask your toddler the answer, e.g. you can respond to questions with ‘What do you think?’ This can help to break the repetition and provides an opportunity for them to think for themself
  • If you’ve had enough questions from your toddler for one day simply let them know ‘That’s enough questions for today. Mummy is tired now’
  • Try and answer their questions the best you can. Also explain to them that some questions have tricky answers, such as ‘What happens after you die?’. It’s important to only tell them an answer appropriate for their age.

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