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Planning a Holiday with Your Toddler

Going on a holiday can be great fun. It’s also a chance to spend lots of time together as a family and a great opportunity to watch your toddler experience new things for the first time. If you plan ahead with their needs in mind, your holiday is likely to be a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.

How To Plan Ahead For Holidays:

  • Talk with travel agents, airlines and accommodation providers about toddler-friendly options
  • Keep it simple, try to stay in one place rather than travel to several destinations
  • Plan some activities to keep your toddler entertained when you are travelling on the bus, train, plane such as story books, games and music
  • Consider your toddler’s short attention span, don’t plan lots of activities which are more suitable to older children or adults such as a long bush walk or fishing for hours on a boat
  • If your toddler has been toilet- trained but is still experiencing some accidents during the night, pack a piece of plastic to protect the mattress
  • Pack a medical kit to take away which includes supplies for emergencies, such as, a thermometer, band-aids and infant paracetamol.

Breaking Your Toddler’s Routine:

Holidays are great to have a break from the daily grind, however it can make your toddler feel uneasy when their routine is disrupted. They may feel particularly unsettled when it comes to mealtimes and bedtime. Here are some tips to keep their routine as similar to home if they are finding it hard being away:

  • Try to eat meals at similar times
  • Eat together at the table
  • Pack their favourite toy or blanket for something familiar to take to bed
  • If they sleep in a cot, take a portable one with you or check if the accommodation has one
  • Be consistent with their bed time.

Remember with some planning and realistic expectations everyone will be able to get the most out of your holiday.

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