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Preventing Falls at Home

At some point, your little one will take a tumble. Toddlers are likely to fall because their heads are heavier in proportion to the rest of their body and they are still trying to find their balance. Since you can’t always prevent your toddler from falling, the key is to minimise the potential for injury when they do fall.

Being aware of and if possible adapting your toddler’s surroundings will help to keep them safe. It’s a good idea to take a quick look around your home through the eyes of your toddler and put any visible risks out of harm’s way.

Here are some other things you also need to consider:


  • Make sure household items, such as television sets, can’t fall onto your toddler by securing or fastening them
  • Ensure furniture doesn’t move or shake easily so they can’t pull it over onto themselves
  • Round off or place padding on the sharp corners of furniture
  • Never leave your toddler alone on beds, high chairs or change tables.


  • Place a safety gate at the top and bottom of the stairs
  • Keep the area well lit and clear of clutter.

Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen

  • Install a safety gate or half door with a lock which blocks your toddler from entering these rooms, but allows you to still keep an eye on them
  • Use non-skid bath mats to help prevent or cushion falls.

Read more about Bath Time Safety here.

Windows and Balconies

  • Fly screens won’t prevent your toddler from falling out of a window, keep windows open to a maximum of 12.5cm and secure with a lock
  • Move furniture, such as cots, beds or lounges away from windows
  • Always keep a watchful eye on your little one when on a balcony, and lock the door so they can’t get out there on their own
  • Move items that can be climbed on away from the edge of the balcony, such as pots and outdoor furniture.


  • Put objects like ladders, hoses and tools away immediately after you’ve finished, your toddler could climb on these and trip
  • Make sure play equipment is placed on a soft surface like grass
  • Trampolines should comply with the Australian standards and should be secured to a flat, soft surface
  • Never leave your little one unattended when playing outside.

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