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Out and About Safety

There is something special about watching your little one filled with excitement as they run around the playground. As exciting and fun as it can be, your child’s safety is something to always have at the front of your mind.

Whilst most accidents will occur at home, serious accidents can also happen when you’re out and about i.e. in your backyard, local playground and in the community. Here are some handy tips to help you be aware of the environment around you to make going out fun while keeping your little one safe.


  • Always supervise your little one when playing outside
  • A secure garden fence should surround your backyard. If it doesn’t, check if your toddler can open doors to escape when unattended
  • Pool fences and gates should be self-closing and locked. They should also be checked regularly to make sure they’re in good condition
  • Clean up rubbish or any other objects that your toddler could trip on
  • Store tools and chemicals safely in a locked shed
  • Trampolines should comply with Australian Standards. Select ones that have safety mats covering the bars and springs.


  • Never leave your little one alone in the car. As the temperature can rise quickly in your car and your child can easily overheat
  • Don’t let your toddler wander the aisles of the supermarket on their own while you do your shopping
  • When your toddler is sitting in the seat of the trolley, make sure they’re sitting down, as they could easily cause the trolley to tip.

Community and Local Playgrounds

  • When walking, hold your toddler’s hand to stop them running off
  • Keep a close eye on your little one in the stroller. They may unbuckle their safety belt and escape without notice
  • Always watch your toddler when around any water, such as ponds in the park
  • Only allow them to go on play equipment which is suitable for their age and ability
  • As toddlers love to put things in their mouth, you should always check the surroundings for dangerous items such as broken glass, tabs from soft drink cans and nails
  • Ensure you have a supply of snacks to keep hunger at bay and bring along plenty of fluids so your child can re-hydrate on a hot day
  • Always practice traffic safety with your toddler when near cars. Click here to read more on Traffic and Driveway Toddler Safety.

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