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Superb Foods Part 2: Yummy Yoghurt

Find out how this delicious dairy delight can make a nutritious addition to mealtimes.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Yoghurt is an excellent source of protein and a highly absorbable form of calcium for strong teeth and bones, which is especially important for little ones growing at such rapid rates. Yoghurt also contains millions of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics, which can be important for keeping little digestive systems healthy.


Yoghurt may be used as a savoury or sweet snack, as a sauce, spread or dip. It’s helpful when it comes to considering new foods for your toddler. You can also make your own using dairy milk or soy milk, if your child has a cow’s milk allergy. Plus, yoghurt is low GI, which helps kids feel energised for longer.

Serving Suggestions

Using plain or no added sugar varieties or simply adding fruit can help reduce added sugar intake. Serve plain or mixed with chopped, mashed or blended fruit straight from the fridge. Combine with milk, cereal biscuit and fruit, then blend to make a smoothie. Mix with soaked natural muesli or with porridge. You can use yoghurt as a savoury topping over meats or mild curries with lemon juice, or mix with avocado or grated cheese for Mexican dishes or spud potatoes.

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