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Superb Foods Part 4: Healthy Hummus

Learn clever ways to include this tasty and traditional Middle Eastern dip in your recipe rotation.

What Are  The Health Benefits?

Hummus is made from chickpeas, lemon, garlic and oil and is a source of protein, fibre and iron, which makes it a great alternative for little ones refusing to eat meat, chicken and fish.


You can easily prepare hummus yourself or buy it ready-made from most supermarkets. It’s great on sandwiches or in individual pots in lunchboxes for Kindy. It travels well so it’s also a perfect snack on the go.

Serving Suggestions

Spread on English muffins, French toast or savoury pancake rolls. Stir through pasta or noodles, spread it on pizza bases or use as dipping sauce for rissoles, falafels or chicken.

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