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Superb Foods Part 5: Outstanding Oats

These healthy grains can make a valuable addition to your child’s diet, so find out how you can include them in more of your meals.

What Are The Health Benefits?

Oats are a natural wholegrain food that is a source of slow release or low GI carbohydrates, providing sustained energy for active toddlers. It has fibre, protein and antioxidants plus it provides some essential nutrients such as iron, magnesium and vitamins A, E and B.


Oats contain fibre, helping to promote healthy digestive system and helping to reduce constipation. Oats also helps to reduce cholesterol levels keeping little hearts healthy as they grow into adults.

Serving Suggestions

Porridge can be made from rolled oats or instant oats using dairy milk, soy, rice milk or water. Cook using dried fruit for flavour and texture or serve with chopped fresh fruit. For Bircher style, soak oats overnight in some diluted fruit juice and add yoghurt before serving in the morning. Oats can be used to make some healthy fruit and oat breakfast muffins, muesli slices, added to savoury mince, casseroles, and soups or use as a crumb for meats.

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