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Toddler Snack Attack

Did you know that your toddler’s stomach is about the size of their fist? With such a small tummy, it is difficult for toddlers to achieve their nutritional requirements in only 3 main meals per day. Snacks throughout the day are an important part of their diet and help to provide them with all the nutrients their growing body needs.

Here Are Nutritious Snack Ideas You Can Try For Your Toddler:

  • Fresh or frozen fruit
  • Vegetables and legumes
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Cheese and wholegrain crackers
  • Hummus with vegetable sticks
  • Wholemeal or wholegrain toast with cheese or baked beans
  • Yoghurt.

Making Snack Time Easy:

  • Establish set times for snacks each day
  • Be prepared and have healthy snacks ready to go in the fridge or pantry
  • Don’t have unhealthy snacks available at home
  • Be a role model. Demonstrate good habits by eating healthy snacks with them and showing how much you like them too!

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