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Using Your Leftovers for Little Ones

When you need that instant meal for hungry toddlers, a quick reheat of leftovers provides a healthy nutrient-packed meal that your little ones will be familiar with.

Tasty Tips For Using Leftovers

Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner?

  • Sprinkle leftover mince with grated cheese and use as a filling for jacket potato
  • Serve leftover mince in a burrito wrap with grated carrot, cheese and lettuce
  • Create a whole new dish and turn leftover mince into shepherd’s pie when topped with mashed potato.

Had a roast?

  • Roast meats are perfect for sandwiches, wraps or pureed with leftover vegetables for your littlies’ lunch
  • Shredded roast meats can be combined with grated vegetables, flour and egg and transformed into filling for fritters
  • Use as a tasty and nutritious filling for healthy homemade pies or soups.

Leftover rissoles or meatballs?

  • Chop and roll into a wrap or use as a topping on an English muffin or crumpet – these are excellent finger foods for toddlers
  • Serve with quick-cook noodles and tomato-based sauce for instant spaghetti and meatballs.

Extra veggies?

  • Vegetables are perfect sandwich fillers on their own or with other leftovers
  • Combine with a few eggs for a speedy quiche omelette
  • Left over veggies and other ingredients can be used as delicious toppings on mini pizzas.
    Top wholemeal pita breads with a little tomato paste, leftover veggies and other ingredients. Plus, making pizzas encourages kids to help in the kitchen.

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