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Feeling Your Baby Move

One of the more intimate experiences you may experience during pregnancy is feeling your baby move. Below are some milestones to look out for; however movement can occur at different stages for different mothers.

During The Second Trimester

Weeks 16-20

  • You’re likely to feel your baby moving at around 19 weeks
  • If you’ve already had a baby you may notice first movements earlier
  • Women describe the feeling as a slight fluttering
  • Your baby’s movements will become frequent and you will start to feel kicks and somersaults.

Weeks 21-26

  • Your baby’s busiest and most active time, will start at 24 weeks and go through to week 28 in the third trimester
  • You may notice rhythmic twitches now and again when your baby has a fit of hiccups
  • Your baby may also be getting into a pattern of sleep and activity. Unfortunately, this may not be the same as yours and they can be more active when you want to sleep.

During The Third Trimester

Weeks 27-40

  • You may feel winded when the baby pushes against your lungs
  • As your baby becomes more cramped in your womb, their movements will feel more like jabs from a foot or knee rather than whole body shuffles
  • As your due date approaches your baby’s head may move down and settle into the pelvis.

When To Call The Doctor

  • If you notice any change in your baby’s pattern of movements call your midwife or doctor
  • Each baby is different, use your judgement to determine what level of activity is normal for your baby.

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