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While you’re pregnant you may find a lot of people telling you lots of ‘old wives’ tales about pregnancy. Whilst it can be fun to collect these tales, more often than not they are false. An ultrasound or baby genetics’ reports could provide you with the information you are after. Here are some you may hear.

If you’re carrying up front, you’re having a boy and if you’re carrying wide it’s a girl. True or false?

False. You still have around a 50 percent chance of your baby being either a girl or a boy.

One tooth is lost for every pregnancy. True or false?

False. Pregnancy does not cause tooth decay that would make you lose a tooth.

Eating for two means eating double. True or false?

False. You only require about an extra 1,400-1,900kJ a day during the second and third trimesters for a healthy pregnancy.

For more read, The Myth of Eating for Two.

Having cravings means you have a nutrient deficiency. True or false?

False. There is no evidence linking cravings to nutrient deficiencies. Many women even develop aversions to foods. If you feel like eating a particular food, have some (unless it’s a food to avoid during pregnancy) and continue to eat a balanced diet.

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Smaller breasts mean less milk. True or false?

False. You should be able to supply enough breast milk for your baby regardless of your breast size or shape.

It’s not safe to exercise during pregnancy. True or false?

False. It’s always best to talk to your doctor about what type of exercise is best for you before starting. However, being fit will help your body cope with demands of pregnancy and labour.

Morning sickness only happens in the morning. True or false?

False. Even though it’s called morning sickness, you can feel sick and vomit at any time of the day or night.

Morning sickness stops after the first trimester. True or false?

False. How long women experience morning sickness during pregnancy varies. A lot of women feel better by the end of their first trimester, while for others it may last their whole pregnancy.

Really bad morning sickness means you’re having twins. True or false?

There is some truth to this. The hormone that’s thought to cause morning sickness tends to be at higher levels if you’re having twins.

For more, see Morning Sickness.

Sex can bring on labour. True or false?

False. Although uterine contractions can be set off by orgasm, these are not the type of contractions that bring on labour.

Having sex can cause a miscarriage. True or false?

A miscarriage is rarely caused by something you have done, including having sex while pregnant. If you have previously had a miscarriage speak to your doctor for advice.

For more information read, Sex in Pregnancy.


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