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Reading Time for You and Your Toddler

Little ones love story time and reading together can be a fun activity. It can provide an opportunity for some great quality time together and includes many benefits for your toddler, including:

  • Helping them to learn about the world around them
  • Developing their literacy skills, including listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Improving their concentration and attention span
  • Stimulating their imagination.

Here Are Some Easy Tips That Can Help Make For A Successful Reading Time:

  • Sit with your toddler on your lap or close to you
  • Start off with some simple stories that have repetitive rhymes
  • Make sure the books have clear and easy text with large and bright pictures
  • Let your toddler choose the book and ask them to help hold it and turn the pages
  • Read books that relate to their experiences or about their favourite things, such as cars or princesses
  • Point to the pictures in the book and tell or ask them what they are
  • Try to be expressive when reading, to help keep your toddler engaged
  • Visit your local library. Staff can assist by recommending books that are toddler favourites
  • Have a routine and try to read at least one book together every day. You could have reading time as part of your toddler’s bedtime ritual
  • Toddlers love to hear their favourite book read over and over again. This may drive you crazy, but after a while you may find that your toddler is reading along with you
  • If your toddler isn’t interested the first few times you read to them keep trying as persistence is usually the key.