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Many dessert ingredients aren’t right for little tummies, and should be avoided until your child’s first birthday. With these dessert food ideas for 6 month olds to 9 month olds, you can introduce a balanced and healthy way of enjoying treats. From apple semolina to raspberry puree, these dessert recipes for 7 month olds and 8 month old food ideas are full of nutrients. You may want to blend more or less, depending on your child’s tastes and experience with different foods – for example, recipes for a 9 month old will differ to a 6 month old.

1 apple, pureed or mashed to desired consistency 1 cup baby’s usual milk 1 tbsp semolina

2 tbsp tapioca 1 cup baby’s usual milk 4 tbsp pear, mashed

4 rhubarb sticks 200g raspberries Juice from an orange