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Whether you’re raising your child as a vegetarian or doing some plant-based weaning, a meat-free approach to your 6-7 month old food ideas (and beyond) can help them develop a lifelong love of veggies. These 6-9 month old food ideas make great weaning foods and feature vegetables as the star of the dish, increasing your baby’s vegetable acceptance later in childhood. Babies have a preference for sweeter tastes, but you can encourage your child to eat a wide mix of baby recipes 8 months onwards with different flavours in soups, purees and more, with these fantastic tasting dinner recipes for babies 6 months to 9 months.

25g margarine 100g leek, washed, trimmed and sliced 200g carrots, chopped 50g split red lentils 350ml water ½ tsp vegetable stock 75g cauliflower, broken into florets