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Sex during Pregnancy

Here are some things to consider:

  • It’s possible that your interest in sex will fluctuate throughout your pregnancy
  • As long as you are comfortable and don’t have any complications, then sexual intercourse is safe during normal pregnancy
  • As your pregnancy progresses, the size of your abdomen may create difficulties during sex, whilst the aches and pains associated with advanced pregnancy can be enough to put you off the whole idea
  • Sometimes men can be put off sex because they’re worried about hurting you or the baby
  • Don’t worry if you and your partner choose not to have intercourse during pregnancy, as this is quite common
  • Make sure you talk to your partner about how you are feeling, during pregnancy you can feel a different closeness
  • If you decide not to have intercourse, try to find other ways to be close and intimate
  • If you have previously miscarried or experience bleeding, you should seek advice from your healthcare professional.