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How to read a food label

Everyone wants to feel confident they know what’s in the food they feed their child – and understanding how to read nutritional labels is the first step. Kate Di Prima has put together some handy hints and tips that will make interpreting a food label a walk in the park!

The Food label will tell you everything you need to know about that food for your little one.  On the label, you will find a number of important pieces of information including the Ingredient list and the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP). It is important that you know how to read food labels and understand the information provided to be able to choose healthy nourishing foods for your child.

Ingredient list

The ingredient list itemises all ingredients that make up that food, ranking them by ingoing weight from highest to lowest, so the first ingredient on the list is the main ingredient in the food.

Nutrition Information Panel

The Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) provides more detailed information by breaking the food down into nutrients.  The panel will have 2 columns: ‘Per Serve’ and ‘Per 100g or Per 100ml’. Per serve is important when you are checking to see how much of the product your little one should eat. Make sure you check ‘serves per pack’ –  for example, whether it serves 1 or 2.


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