Available at:

Supermarkets and selected Pharmacies/Chemist stores

Packs available in:

  • Powder: 900g can
  • Powder: 6 x 17g stickpacks
  • Ready-made liquid: 200mL

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From Birth

- From Birth

S-26 GOLD NEWBORN From Birth

From birth to six months, your baby goes through an amazing period of development. Growth occurs rapidly, so high quality nutrition is essential.

S-26 GOLD NEWBORN is a premium infant formula which helps support your baby's appropriate growth and development in their first six months.

S-26 GOLD NEWBORN protein source is based on a unique balance of alpha-lactalbumin enriched whey protein and nonfat cow's milk. S-26 GOLD NEWBORN has a high whey proportion. Whey is well tolerated, gentle on your baby's tummy and easier to digest than casein.

S-26 GOLD NEWBORN is specially designed to help ensure infants receive a balanced, high quality combination of ingredients to help support healthy growth and development in the following key areas:

  • Brain & Eye Development: Helps support development of the central nervous system and eyes
  • Physical Growth: Helps support bone growth and tissue growth and maintenance
  • Digestion: Helps support healthy gastrointestinal development
  • Immunity: Helps support a healthy immune system

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The main milk ingredients in S-26 GOLD NEWBORN are sourced from New Zealand / USA /Australia / Canada / Netherlands / France / Germany.