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Safety in the Bedroom

Safety in the Bedroom

As your little one grows, they will become more mobile and you will probably experience them trying to climb out of their cot during nap time. This is a definite sign that they’re not so little anymore! Once you move them into a ‘big bed’ they can climb out whenever they like so it is very important to keep their room as safe as possible in order to prevent any accidents.

Here Are Some Suggestions To Help You Plan Ahead And Keep Your Toddler Safe In Their Bedroom:

  • Install safety locks on any windows in their room, these should only be opened to a small gap not big enough for your toddler to fit through
  • Push one side of the bed against a wall to prevent them falling off. You could also install a guardrail on the unprotected side of the bed
  • Fit any stairs with safety-guards so your little one is not at risk of falling down the stairs when they are unsupervised or when it is dark
  • Make sure any electrical items, such as heaters, are turned off and the cords are wrapped up when not in use
  • Fasten any low dangling curtain or blind cords that are in your toddler’s reach, these could be potentially hazardous (e.g. strangulation) if they decide to play with them
  • Remove any toys or objects from your child’s bedroom which are a safety risk such as plastic bags, grocery sacks or objects small enough to swallow or be a choking hazard.

Bunk beds are not a good idea for toddlers, as they can occasionally fall out of bed in their sleep. If they are sleeping on the top bunk, the extra height puts them at risk of injuries. It is also important not to give your toddler a pillow until they reach the age of two as it can put them at risk of suffocation.

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