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When it comes to ensuring your toddler has the best possible nutrition, there are so many things to consider. And sugar is high on that list – is it good, is it bad or somewhere in between? How much naturally occurring sugar should my child have in their diet? How much added sugar is too much? We’ve partnered with Accredited Practicing Dietitian Kate Di Prima to give you the truth about sugar, and the tools you need to choose the best food for your child.

It can be hard to decide which foods are the best for our toddlers, particularly when it comes to sugar. Get the full story on the different types of sugars you might find in your little ones food.

The ideal toddler’s diet contains 3 main food components or macronutrients. Do you know what they are and how much of each they should be getting? Kate Di Prima provides useful advice to help make it easy for you when choosing healthier food options for your toddler.

Everyone wants to feel confident they know what’s in the food they feed their child – and understanding how to read nutritional labels is the first step. Kate Di Prima has put together some handy hints and tips that will make interpreting a food label a walk in the park!