Update: Please see FAQ page for information regarding availability of Infacare Comfort infant formula.

Benefits of Breast Milk

Breastfeeding may be the most natural way to feed your baby but it also provides lots of extra benefits for both you and your little one.

As your pregnancy progresses your breasts transform as they prepare for your baby’s birth – readily to start producing milk that provides all the nutrition your baby needs in its first six months.

Why breast is best for your baby

  • Breast milk contains all the nutrition your baby needs – it even changes over time to match your baby’s growth and development requirements and quenches their thirst
  • Breast milk also helps protect your baby from infections and diseases, such as gastroenteritis, while their immune system is still developing
  • The skin-to-skin contact you have with your baby during breastfeeding helps strength the bond between you both
  • Breastfeeding helps develop your baby’s eyesight, brain and jaw
  • Breast milk may have protective benefits against health problems such as obesity, diabetes, asthma, ear and respiratory infections
  • Breast milk is easily digested by your baby – nature designed it that way!

Why breast is best for you

  • Your newborn’s suckling action can help reduce the amount of bleeding after birth
  • Producing breast milk uses up energy which means breastfeeding may help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight more quickly
  • Breastfeeding may reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancers
  • It’s a convenient and economical option for feeding your baby that doesn’t take time to prepare!

Making breastfeeding work for you

Going along to breastfeeding classes before the birth of your child can be a great way to find out what to expect and pick-up some tips on how you can make it work – before you start breastfeeding. Partners can attend these classes too, so both of you can find out what support you may need and what options are available.

We are here to support you on your journey

We understand that making decisions about infant feeding can be a challenging time and hard to navigate. We hope that we can help you through this journey.

Our company has voluntarily signed the industry code of Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas (‘The MAIF Agreement’). As part of this commitment, we want to make sure you are informed and supported when making choices along your feeding journey.

For the first six months, if possible, it is recommended to exclusively breastfeed, as it provides ideal nutrition and promotes a healthy start in your infant’s life. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet during and prior to breastfeeding is important.

We understand breastfeeding is not always possible. Infant formula is the most suitable alternative to breastfeeding.

Your choice, our support, always.

Introducing partial bottle-feeding may interfere with breastfeeding your infant and it can be hard to reverse. Other considerations include the social and financial implications of feeding infant formula, which ‘The MAIF Agreement’ recommends should be considered until the infant is 12 months of age. If you choose, or need to use infant formula, it is recommended to prepare and use the product according to the instructions on the label. We also want to make sure your baby is as safe as possible, so please be aware that any unnecessary or improper use of infant formula, such as not properly boiling water or sterilizing feeding equipment may cause health hazards for your baby.

We encourage you to seek advice from a healthcare professional when making the right choice for you and your baby.

Each journey is different and whichever direction you choose, you are doing a great job.
With love, the Sanulac Nutritionals team :)

If you require further information, consult your healthcare professional or learn more about the benefits of breast milk.