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My Baby: Health & Wellbeing

Child sleeping in a car seat; the child is peacefully resting with eyes closed, wearing a blue sweater. The background shows a blurred car window with greenery outside.My Baby

Car Seats

All babies need to be safely fastened in a car seat or capsule that is appropriate for their age and size – it’s the law no matter how short the...
Baby sleeping peacefully, soft surface, gentle lighting.My Baby


Most parents want to know how long it will be before their baby will be in a set routine of sleeps and feeds. Some find it hard to handle the...
Child plays with yellow rubber duck in bathtub, smiling and looking up, faucet on bathtub wall.My Baby


How Often Does My Baby Need A Bath? Until your baby learns to crawl daily bathing isn't necessary, a bath 2-3 times per week is all they need. However make...
Baby in diaper on changing table, holding feet, smiling woman assists, blurred shelves, vase with flowers.My Baby

Changing baby’s nappy

Mastering the art of how to change a nappy is something every parent goes through during their child’s early days. But doing a nappy change for the first time can...
Mother in striped shirt holds smiling baby in carrier inside kitchen with light from window.My Baby


Handling such a tiny little bundle can be quite daunting at first. Here are some tips to help it become second nature. Picking Up Your Baby When picking up and...