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Winding or Burping Baby

Whether you refer to it as winding or burping your baby, knowing which techniques to use can help with settling your bub.


Air can fill your baby’s tummy during feeding or crying. This can make them feel uncomfortable. For some babies winding isn’t necessary, whereas other babies may even bring up some milk with their burp.


Usually babies need to be winded throughout their feed and again at the end of their feed.


Below are two good positions for burping your baby:

Over your shoulder

  • Put a cloth over your shoulder in case you baby brings up milk
  • Support your baby over your shoulder, firmly supporting their buttocks with one arm
  • With the other hand rub or pat your baby’s back.

Sitting up on your lap

  • Sit your baby on your lap, lean them forward with your arm supporting their chest and your hand under their chin
  • Rub or pat their back to burp
  • Be careful not to let your baby’s head flop.

If you are concerned that your baby is spilling a lot of milk from burping, check with your health care professional.

Best Ways To Wind Your Baby After Feeding

In this how-to video, we look at the two main positions for winding (or burping) your infant after a feed, and some key tips to best avoid a mess!