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Is Your Toddler’s Skin Telling You Something?

Skin conditions are becoming increasingly common in children, but identifying the cause can be tricky.

So What Should You Do If You Notice Inflamed, Red, Dry Or Itchy Skin?

Your toddler’s skin can be very sensitive. Small changes in their environment such as the weather, bath water temperature or even a new washing powder can cause redness, dryness or blotchy skin.

Some parents may assume that these symptoms are a result of sensitivity to a type of food, which can lead to ‘self-diagnosing’ food allergies and unnecessarily avoiding many foods in your toddler’s diet.

In reality, mild skin reactions are more likely to be cause by environmental factors. Consider possible factors from your child’s surroundings and if you still can’t work out what is causing the problem then a healthcare professional will be able to assist you in looking into dietary causes.

The foods most commonly causing allergies in children include milk, wheat, egg, peanuts, soybean, fish and shellfish. If you choose to investigate foods, your GP or paediatrician can advise which tests are appropriate. Some allergy tests may help identify triggers and a healthcare professional can advise you on suitable replacements in your little one’s diet. Also, you should chat to relatives as they can tell you if there is a family history of any allergy or intolerance. Allergies may be genetic and this can sometimes tell you if a particular food is causing concern.

If your toddler has been diagnosed with a food sensitivity or food allergy you need to seek professional guidance to eliminate the food from their diet and replace it with a suitable option so that their diet is balanced.

For more information about diet-related skin conditions visit www.allergy.org.au or consult your GP or paediatrician.