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With so many breakfast foods chock-full of added sugars, it is no wonder many children grow up loaded with sugar-addled cereals and the like. If you’d rather give your toddler a nutritious, turbo-charged start to the day, these breakfast recipes for toddlers will introduce the concept of a balanced diet from the start, as well as delighting them with their utter deliciousness. With all the goodness of healthy ingredients, these breakfast ideas for toddlers are tasty without the added naughties.

Slice of fruit and nut loaf beside sliced strawberries and melon on a yellow plate, set on a yellow table; mug and dish in the background.12 Months +

Carrot and Apricot Bread

2/3 cup dried apricots, chopped 1 cup self-raising flour ¾ cup plain flour 1 tsp mixed spice 1 cup brown sugar 250g carrots, grated 1/2 cup …
Split biscuit with butter, carrot sticks on green plate, on yellow surface with polka-dotted green gift bags.12 Months +

Spinach Scones

200 ml of prepared Alula GOLD TODDLER milk drink 2 cups self raising flour ½ tsp sugar pinch of salt 30g butter, chopped 1 portion …
Yellow bowl holds granola and dried fruit on yellow surface; larger granola container partially visible.12 Months +

Toasted Muesli

100g porridge oats 50 g seeds e.g. sunflower, sesame, chia 50 g roasted nuts finely chopped 2 tbsp sunflower oil 3 tbsp honey 50 g …
Two striped glasses filled with pink smoothies sit on a light, textured surface. A teal container with strawberries and a white jar are in the background.12 Months +

Berry Smoothies

1 cup pureed fresh or frozen berries 2 tbsp vanilla yoghurt 1 tsp lemon juice 1 tsp honey, as required 3 cups of prepared …
Toasted bread slices with melted cheese and herbs on a white platter, placed on a rustic wooden table. A basket with an egg and a cloth, along with green leaves, are in the background.12 Months +

Eggy Bread

1 slice of soft wholemeal bread 1 egg, well beaten with 2 tbsp of prepared Alula GOLD TODDLER milk drink 1 tsp …
Stack of pancakes with powdered sugar, blueberries, mint garnish on white plate with knife, elegant breakfast with lace tablecloth and syrup pitcher.12 Months +

Berry Swirl Pikelets

60g fresh ricotta 45g fresh raspberries, pureed 85 ml of prepared Alula GOLD TODDLER milk drink 5 tbsp self raising flour 1 tbsp sugar ¼ …