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Breakfast Recipes: 9-12 Months Old

With so many breakfast 11 month old recipes chock-full of added sugars, it is no wonder many children grow up loaded with sugar-addled cereals and the like. If you’d rather give your child easy baby food recipes 9 months and beyond, these breakfast ideas for 1 year old to 9 month old’s will introduce the concept of a balanced diet from the start, as well as delighting them with their utter deliciousness. With all the goodness of healthy ingredients, your baby food recipes 10 months and up can be tasty without the added naughties.

White bowl of muesli with glass bottle of milk, halved green apple, pink spoon on blue-checkered cloth background.9 - 12 months

Baby Muesli

2 tbsp porridge oats 1 tbsp dried apricots, finely chopped 1 tbsp ground almonds 4 tbsp of child's usual milk ½ small apple, cored …